NEW Student Application is ONLINE. Please fill out the application form at:

Requirements for submission (Always bring original copy for authentication)

  1. Photocopy of immediate past school year's and current year's English & Chinese Report Card with Learner Reference Number (LRN) (Gen. Ave. of at least 80.00%)
    • No failing RC Grade in both English & Chinese subjects
    • Conduct Grade not lower than B or its equivalent
  2. School Certificate of:
    • NO RETENTION at any level (English & Chinese)
  3. PSA Copy of Birth Certificate (Bring original for authentication}
  4. Photocopy of Naturalization papers, if applicable (Bring original for authentication)
  5. Accomplished GCC Application Form
  6. Two copies of recent photo (I.D. size)
  7. Additional requirements for foreign student-applicants

  8. Photocopy of current passport
  9. Photocopy of Immigration Papers & Permits, e.g. ACR/ICR, Study Permit, etc.
  10. Accomplished Foreign Students' date Form
  11. Other papers/information as needed

Steps to follow

  1. Go to GCC Main Office and see the department Admission Officer (AO):
    • To fill out the application form
    • For evaluation of required documents, preliminary interview with the parents & the student-applicant (English & Chinese)
    • For referral to interview with the Department Supervisor
    • For referral to the Accounting Office
  2. Pay the Entrance Exam Fee of P600.00 at the Accounting Office.
  3. Bring the receipt to the English Department Admission Officer
    • For oral Exam
    • For I.Q. Tests
    • For Issuance of Test Permit

Entrance Exam Dates

  1. Bring: Test Permit; pencils and ball pens; eraser; and snacks
  2. Entrance Test to be scheduled
    • Venue: Grace Christian College (testing rooms; to be announced)
    • Come on time during the Test Day

Release of results

2 weeks after the Entrance Examination (Call GCC)


  1. Reservation Fee of P5,000.00 should be paid at the Accounting Office within ten(10) days after results are released.
  2. Failure to pay the reservation fee will mean that the applicant is not interested to enroll at GCC and therefore, the slot reserved for him/her will be given to applicants in the wait-list.
  3. The reservation Fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable but will be credited to the tuition fee during the regular registration period.
  4. Original Report Card duly signed by the Principal or the School Head of the previous school should be submitted to the Department Admission Officer upon reservation.
  5. Registration and other important dates and procedure will be announced.