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What is CMA Mental Arithmetic

CMA is a total brain development program which is designed to develop the highest learning capability of the child. It aims to promote the mental arithmetic potency, enhance the memory power, boost the creativity skill and increase concentration competency through the principles of the Abacus

The ability-based approach is the primary method of teaching in CMA. Students with different ages and with special needs are integrated in the same class.

Lessons are designed to be fun and easy. With the advance methods of speed and response training, multimedia-based teaching and e-learning, the students can quickly learn the principles of the Abacus, helping them to achieve fast and accurate mental calculations.

Total Brain Development

Gone are the days when a child is identified as a left-brain or right-brain thinker. Today, your child can develop both sides of their brain. Being gifted at both Math and Art is what made Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Jose Rizal the best in their respective fields.

At CMA, our unique teaching method develops all areas of your child's brain. This total brain development can be achieved through the consistent application of the CMA teaching method over a period of time. This will help your child unleash their brain's full potential.

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Video Highlights of 3rd CMA Mental Arithmetic National Competition 2015 held in Function Room 1 & 2 at SMX MOA, Pasay City last March 1, 2015

Posted by CMA Mental Arithmetic - Grace Christian College, Quezon City on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brain development peeks during the childhood years.

Children have near perfect memory that absorb and assimilate information at this stage. CMA Mental Arithmetic is an excellent brain stimulant to ages three (3) years old to twelve (12) years old.