Graceans Bag Awards in MTAP Bids

  • February 2019

All praise unto God as Graceans reaped multiple awards in different levels of the Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge for 2019.

During the Elimination examinations, GCC students did well. They became eligible to receive Merit Award for their outstanding performance. Among the Merit Awardees, three students received FIRST HONOR distinction: Grade Three student Breanna Rychel L. Tan (EE 3-3) and Grade Six students Luigi Trevor L. Lui (EE 6-2) and Luke Sebastian C. Sy (EE 6-1). Rafael Mikhail P. Quizon (EE 2-4) and Justin Miguel S. Ngo (EE 6-1) received the SECOND HONOR award. Grade Two students Janelle Caryl W. Ng (EE 2-4) and Haley Samuelle C. Sy (EE 2-1), Grade Four student Jared Cobe W. Ng (EE 4-1) ; Grade Five student Nathan Gabriel A. Neria (EE 5-1) were awarded THIRD HONOR distinction.

During the Area Team Finals last February 7, 2019, Luke Sebastian Sy (EE 6-1) and Luigi Trevor L. Lui (EE 6-2) bested all competitors by winning the CHAMPIONSHIP in the Grade Six level. Grade One Team members Cody James T. Tan (EE 1-4) and Mia Grace N. Co (EE 1-1) bagged the THIRD PLACE. Jared Cobe W. Ng (EE 4-1) and Wynshanelle Gianeah C. Ng (EE 4-3) won for the school the THIRD PLACE.


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