Happy Thanksgiving

  • The Official Publication of Grace Christian College
  • January 2020

Give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men. Psalm 107:8

The pilgrims who left England for the New World on September 6, 1620, had little idea of the hardships that awaited them. During the initial voyage, they were rocked by stormy weather that lasted nine weeks. The first New England winter they encountered in the new land was unusually harsh, and they were completely unaccustomed to such extended periods of cold weather. In addition, the supply ships from England often did not arrive as scheduled, leaving the pilgrims with little food and other provisions.

Spring finally arrived in 1621, and the pilgrims were able to plant their crops. The harvest that fall was bountiful, and the governor of the colony recognized that they had much to be thankful for. Calling the pilgrims together, he issued a proclamation calling for a public day of giving thanks to God for their survival. Thus, the first “thanksgiving” feast consisting of turkey, cornbread, squash, and pumpkin was held to honor God for His provision.

The important lesson to be learned from the pilgrims is that even though they endured tremendous hardships, they had the ability to recognized the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon them. Rather than blame God for their former bad fortunes, the pilgrims were able to focus on the positive aspect of their current condition and give thanks to God for His incredible grace.

No matter what life throws at you, always remember that God is with you. Though you will have to persevere through difficult times, He will always extend His grace to you in times of need. So let your life be a reflection of God’s grace, and let others see that you bless and honor God in all things.


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