GCC Graduate with a Heart for Missions

  • June 2019

Being a daughter of a Sri Lankan missionary, Dinah Daniel Alexander (蒂娜), came to the Philippines with her family in 2013 when her father enrolled at the “International Graduate School of Leadership” seminary.

After completing high school in 2015, Dinah searched for a seminary where she could enroll. She intended to study in Indonesia and was soliciting financial support from friends in order to study there when someone told her to try Grace Christian College. After taking the entrance exam, she considered it a miracle to be able to enroll with a scholarship.

Dinah (seen in photo wearing white blouse) completed requirements for Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Mathematics. She shares her testimony as follows.

“First of all I thank God for His grace that sustained me through the last four years. They were four years of trials and wonderful experiences. I really thank God for the ‘A Sophomore Taste of Taiwan.’ It was indeed a great experience and something which taught me many life lessons. I also thank God for the school’s faculty and the friendships which He has blessed me with during the last few years.

After graduation I plan on going to Mindoro as a missionary teacher. Since I was nine years old I always wanted to do a children’s ministry. This is why I want to become a missionary teacher to Mindoro and then to the rural areas of Sri Lanka, which I believe to be my calling.

God has used GCC to prepare me for this purpose. The training which I received from GCC has been priceless and I know that it would be very helpful as I would be teaching and ministering to the children around me, where ever God would send me.”

In hindsight, she would like to encourage students and parents to consider enrolling at GCC. She says: “First, it is a school whose teachings are rooted in biblical principles. Second, it offers some amazing exchange student programs. Third, one amazing thing about GCC is that the faculty of the school are very friendly and understanding towards the students.”

GCC considers it a privilege to be able to prepare its students to become global Christian leaders. In the case of Dinah, this institution will be able to make an impact through education both in the Philippines and abroad.


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