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GCC Celebrates College Achievers

June 2020 / College

In its short history of providing Higher Education, Grace Christian College has been blessed with graduates who have made a name in their respective…

Flexible Learning is In!

June 2020 / College

In response to the changing landscape in education, the College Department of Grace Christian College will be offering remote learning this coming…

Graceans Meet at Halls of Senate

January 2020 / College

Consistent with the goal of developing global Christian leaders, College Faculty members Atty. Angelita Dy Po, Ms. Nencie Or, and Dr. Mary Grace Termulo…

Learning & Fun Thru College Ville @ 5

January 2020 / College

College days are indeed among the best days of students’ lives. From every class, lunch break, and event, there are always memories that will be…

Business Seniors Hurdle Feasib Defense

June 2019 / College

The course Feasibility Study, under Dr. Maria Teresa A. Martinez, culminated in the students’ presentation and defense of the feasibility of their…

Sophomores Explore and Learn in Taiwan

June 2019 / College

A Sophomore Taste of Taiwan (ASTT) is a special program in Grace Christian College (GCC) wherein students are sent to Taiwan for a 9-week opportunity…

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