Clubs & Organizations

Art Club

This organization aims to develop and enhance the student's innate talent in art. It conducts contests such as the "Make a Mark Contest" which involved the entire student body in the High School Department. The club also holds workshops, like for example, the "Seminart" for the month of February, which is exclusive for the members only.

Community Service (CAT)

A very early class for a weekend, but still filled with the thrill of meeting each other. The morning devotion starts the group's day right. The class teaches the basics of community and stirs up the student's enthusiasm and awareness regarding community service.

English Club

For those who love speaking, writing, and breathing the English language, the English Club is for you! It aims to enhance the Gracean's grasp of this fine language to develop the budding talents of future Gracean poets, orators and best-selling authors. As for future endeavors, the English Club is planning exciting seminars and workshops in addition to the yearly English Week activities.

For Graceans who want to have fun and learn new things, the English Club is here.

Filipino Club

Primarily, this club leads the annual celebration of "Buwan ng Wika" (Filipino Language Week) every August. Students prepare Speech Choir presentations and special numbers through singing some Filipino "Makabayan Songs."

Glee Club

The High School Glee Club is a group which aims to glorify God through the talent of singing. Rehearsals are done every Friday afternoon in the Music Room. The club keeps on growing as there are about 100 students who are participating in sharing their talents to everyone. The Glee Club represents the school in activities outside the campus.

On July 2-3, 2005, the club will be presenting a Play entitled, "Bow Down" at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The participants are having preparations for the Play, which is their show of gratitude, in time for the upcoming 55th Anniversary Celebration of GCHS.

GCHS Orchestra

The GCHS Orchestra was founded in July 2004 through the efforts of Dr. James Tan, Mrs. Judith Tan and Ms. Fairy Lui- Lee, an alumnus of GCHS and a Chorale conducting graduate of the University of the Philippines. After a series of auditions, the GCHS Orchestra started with 18 members who were gifted with talents in playing musical instruments such as the piano, keyboards, flute, guitar and violin. With Ms. Lui-Lee holding weekly rehearsals on Saturdays, the GCHS Orchestra finally had their first public performance on December 2004 during the GCHS Chorale Contest.

The GCHS Orchestra will be holding auditions every year to expand its membership, so that every student in GCHS would get a chance to share their talents in glorifying God and spreading His message through music. The GCHS Orchestra is looking forward to their next performance and each member is working hard to be able to spread the joy of God's music.

Herodotus Society

Herodotus Society aims to create a revival of interest in the historical background and experiences of mankind, as well as social awareness among students. Here, cultural differences are melded into one radical student organization. The club sponsors exciting student activities and projects to reacquaint the students with the past – a heritage that is now part of our daily lives.


The Grace Mathineers has a lineup of activities for the coming school year (2005-2006) namely:

  1. The Annual Grace Mathineers Interscholastic Competition (GMATIC) - an interscholastic competition among the different high schools within Metro Manila, Philippines. On its 5th year, it still aims to foster camaraderie among math enthusiasts for the furtherance of the gospel.

  2. The Grace Mathineers of the Year - a competition among the talented Math students within GCHS.

  3. GMATIC Inter-block Competition - a contest among the High School students in GCHS.

The qualified members of this club are students who have an average of 85 or better in all Math subjects; conduct of not less than B - ; or are part of the Special Math, Math Training and DLC Advanced Math group.

Morning Devotion

This club is more than just a school organization. The members serve as intercessors in praying for the entire GCHS family. Aside from Bible Study, Fellowship and Counseling, the club leads the school's Morning Prayer from Monday to Friday every week. Students are highly encouraged to join the Morning Devotion Club, to build new, healthy relationships with fellow-Christians and develop spiritual growth and maturity.

Music Club

The Music Club is an organization that caters to the needs of the students musically. It upholds the truth that music is a gift from God and should be used for God alone. The music club was established with a two-fold purpose – first, to discover talented musicians among students, and second, to create activities where students inclined to music may excel. This is the main thrust of this club and it ends with the intention that glory and honor be returned to God in all of its endeavors.

"Positive" Science Club

The Club aims to promote Science Awareness among students and to encourage students to be interested and updated with Science and Technology. Also, the club develops the skills necessary in enhancing creativity and resourcefulness - boosting the love for science and the appreciation of God’s creation through it.


Members of this club could be easily identified through their uniforms, but what truly sets them apart is their firm dedication in serving co-students, the school and the environment. The club contributes greatly to the order and discipline, cleanliness, neatness and over-all excellence of the school. It actively keeps guard and monitors fellow students during Chapel periods, Programs and other school activities within the school premises. They emphasize the importance of discipline and camaraderie in all of their endeavors. The club strives to make a difference not only on its own, but on other people's lives, bringing all glory to the Creator whom they serve and honor above all things.

Snapshot Society

The Snapshot Society is a non-academic organization which caters to all camera-loving high school students. The club offers its members opportunities to hone their skills in using cameras thru interactive photo contests and lectures. The activities are scheduled throughout the school year, but the highlight is the photo exhibit, a week after the Field Day. The club supports the Student Council by participating in the annual "Grace Club Fest," an event promoting camaraderie among all club members; for which the club emerged as the very first champion.

The membership is renewed every year by filing an application form through the class P.R.O. every June and February. So the club encourages all high school students to be part of the Snapshot Society and be part of Grace History -Cheese...

Student Council

The Student Council is a body that aims to bridge the gap between the School Administration and the students. It provides students with mind edifying and body stimulating activities with the purpose of glorifying the Creator and savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ. It plans to prepare potential student leaders for their future participation in activities which require strong leadership skills, by instilling in them good moral values.