Services & Facilities

For 55 years, Grace Christian High School continues to flourish as an advocate of excellent Christian education with high academic standards. In adherence to its ongoing mission of providing quality education to students, Grace has a variety of services such as:

  • well-ventilated and furnished classrooms
  • good reference materials and books in the libraries
  • nutritious and reasonably-priced foods served in the canteen
  • modern technological facilities and computer centers
  • spacious and user-friendly recreational facilities
  • up-to-date Multi-media and Audio-Visual Rooms
  • a Christ-centered Guidance Counseling Center - and most importantly
  • a weekly Chapel Period for all student levels to strengthen their faith and develop their moral and spiritual growth

Facilities and Classroom

Guidance and Counselling


Food Service

Information Technology

Character Education

Visual & Performing Arts

Sports & Recreation