Guidance and Counselling

Definition of Guidance

Guidance is an integral part of the educational program of the GRACE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL, which seeks to provide, as needed, opportunities to all students to help them grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. It is not only developmental by design but it would also address their need for a personal relationship with Christ, knowledge of self and others, needs for competence as well as educational excellence who in turn will become contributors toward nation-building.

Operational Definition

The GCHS Guidance and Counseling Center is a unit that will carryout the vision/ mission statement of the school toward promoting the well being of our clientele, integrating biblical truths and principles with their choices, experiences and daily activities. Its programs and activities are implemented by trained personnel with the support of the teachers, parents and administrators.

Principles & Objectives

A. Guidance & Counselling as Christ Centered

  1. It is a a ministry, which is concerned for the optimum growth of every student and the realization of his/ her potentialities for individual, social and spiritual needs. Likewise, it is convinced that a meaningful life can only be experienced in its fullest on the basis of a true relationship with Christ (Eph. 2:3-7; Jn. 10:10).

  2. It is a ministry that recognizes the right of every student to personal assistance, values the worth of persons and is inspired by the examples of Christ. Likewise, it emulates Christlikeness, ensures confidentiality, love, authenticity, respect and acceptance of its counselees (Eph. 5:1-2; Col. 3:11, 17).


B. Guidance and Counselling as Student - Focused

  1. Since it is an integral part of education, spiritual and personal formation, it is concerned with a comprehensive study of the student in his/ her cultural/ ethnic affiliations, circumstances, and family of origin, which may provide sufficient understanding of his/ her self. Appropriate counseling techniques will be utilized and scientific measurement tests will be used, as they are available.

  2. It is focused on the student's academic successes and skills, developmental needs, and also in his/ her adjustments in the critical situations of life. Thus, it seeks a program that will assist them toward realizing and actualizing their best self.

C. Guidance and Counselling as a Functional Center

  1. Teachers, parents and school administrators' cooperation is very much encouraged in the carrying out and in the implementation of the objectives, programs and activities of the center.

  2. The task is entrusted to those who have the necessary training and experienced.

  3. The guidance programs will be under constant evaluation in terms of its effectiveness.

Guidance Services

Information Services

  • This include dissemination of special information the students, teachers, and parents will need to expedite learning and information that will help build a caring community.

  • Information about the common difficulties found in children like: "Separation Anxiety, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ ADD), Learning disabilities, Learning Styles and Giftedness of Children, Trauma in the Lives of Children", "Handling Peer Pressures", "Teaching Children Social Skills" and others

Spiritual and Personal Formation

  • It involve Bible lessons during chapel time and Bible Clubs, which focused on the foundations for the Christian faith, values, character building, ethics and others.

  • It also include information concerning "School Success Skills, Assertiveness Training/ Conflict Resolution Skills, Social Skills and Building Healthy Self-concept." Lessons on these are taken during Classroom Guidance.


Orientation Services for Old and New Students

  • It help students meet the challenges of new surroundings and new study programs, policies, facilities, administrators, discipline needs, school rules and regulations and other services

  • It is done before the opening of every school year (for new students) and in the first few meetings of chapel periods.


Counseling Services

  • Individual Counseling/ Individual Interview, for retained students, students under probation, grade one, new students, and graduating students, referrals from parents, teachers, and others.

  • Small Group Counseling for students with special needs and students serving corrective measures.

  • Large Group Counseling during "Classroom Guidance".


Other Services Offered

  • Student Needs Assessment allows the counselor to facilitate assessment of needs, monitor growth, and goals of students.

  • Exit Interview for those who would transfer to another school especially those seeking for recommendations.

  • Individual Information are gathered from students and kept confidential in each student's portfolio.

  • Group dynamics for special cases and for students with special concerns (e.g. self-help group for students with separated parents and others).

  • Peer Helpers/ Peer Counselors worked as a team with the Guidance Counselors.

  • Teacher - Counselor Enrichment Seminars help to equip our teachers with basic counseling skills and others.

  • Spiritual Retreat and Reflection for the "Grade Six graduating batch"