Daily Reflections



Peter and Judas

READ    Matthew 26:69-27:10

Peter’s questioning in the courtyard recalls his proud boast (26:33-35). He had followed the crowd but was clearly already uncertain about what he was going to do. First, a servant girl recognizes him (69), then another girl (71). How humiliating for a grown man, a leader and a strong individual, to be found to be a coward before two young girls. Finally, several people begin to point Peter out on the grounds of his identifiably Galilean accent (73). First, he claims ignorance, then makes clear-cut and vigorous denials. It is easy to identify with the total desolation which Peter felt (75). All of us have failed Christ at some time or other. What a relief it is to read how Jesus restored Peter after the resurrection, as He demonstrated His forgiveness and pointed towards fruitful service for the future (John 21:15-19).

Judas. It is tragic that with Judas there is remorse and awareness of sin, but no evidence of repentance (3, 4). They are not the same thing (2 Corinthians 7:10). There is no mention of any restoration or forgiveness. Peter said he didn’t love Jesus, but did. Judas said he did love Him, but didn’t. the men who have callously used Judas as a pawn now dispense with him as easily as a disposable rag. In one terrible sense they are correct it is Judas’ responsibility (4), but it is ironic that they completely fail to accept their own responsibility for having put him up to it. With chilling cynicism the chief priests take back their money and put it ‘to good use’ (6-10), more concerned with religious niceties than with Judas’ appalling spiritual state. In contrast to the cowardice, lack of integrity, callousness and cruelty of all engaged in these happenings, Jesus stands out – a real man among mere shadows.





PRAY   Give thanks to God that His love for you is stronger than yours for Him. Confess your sins to Him now, and accept His forgiveness as He picks you up again.