Daily Reflections



Sure foundations

READ    Psalm 62

Respect can be hard to acquire and easy to lose. We expect love from our friends and family but that carries with it responsibilities on our behalf. Respect, however, asks for little in return. Unfortunately, we have little control over other people’s respect for us and it can easily disappear through no fault of our own. At some stage we may be placed in situations that makes us less worthy of respect in the eyes of the world: for example, old age, unemployment, the restriction of coping with pre-school children. Or it is our own mistakes and failures that lose us the respect of others. And sometimes respect is lost through the malice and lies of another person. It is easy to see ho media ruin the careers and blight the lives of the famous, but we can be ruined just as effectively within our own local community by gossip and innuendo.

This psalm is a glorious hymn of praise from one in such a situation. He is in a position of weakness and humiliation. He feels that the structure of his life is shaking (3, 4), and yet he knows that his foundations rest firmly on the solid fact of God. Everything else is transient and insignificant, whatever its outward appearance might be (9, 10). His trust is not ill-founded because God is both loving and strong, and will judge with truth and with mercy (11, 12). God’s application of the truth is always tempered by His love for us. Unless we learn, like the psalmist, to trust God’s respect for us, we will always be at the mercy of our desire for the respect of others.






PRAY  Lord, I praise You for Your constant protection and Your unchanging power. May I trust fully in You at all times.