Daily Reflections



‘Promises, promises’

READ  Psalm 61

What vows or solemn promises are part of your life? Some are publicly made as with marriage, ordination or baptism. Others are private, made between the individual and God. The public ones often result in a change of duties or commitments, or put those who make them into position of leadership or responsibility. When we enter into such promises we may be full of confident hope that we will be able to live with the changes that they will bring. But although we think and pray deeply about such undertakings, we cannot see into the future and anticipate all the situations and problems that such a step will entail.

Therefore it seems probable that all who have made public vows or promises will at some point need to say the prayer of this psalm. The writer has reached a crisis. He cannot solve a problem or situation on his own and needs to turn to God for shelter and strength. But this is not always easy for those who are in position of leadership or public responsibility (Revelation 3:17). Such people are often those who are very capable by the world’s standards and who are used to coping in their own strength and relying on their own abilities. So it is a crucial moment of their life and work when they are able to acknowledge that the present “foe” is beyond their strength to fight (3). There is humility to be learned (2b) and e deeper realization of God’s acceptance. They need also to realize to whom the glory belongs. Honor and praise are only available to us in this world as long as we are living in God’s presence (7) and acting as channels or mirrors for His greater glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).





PRAY  Thank You, Lord , that Your work never ceases and Your promises are being fulfilled all the time.