Daily Reflections



The honor of God

READ   Daniel 9

For Daniel, prayer is a channel of the revelation of God’s will, the daily sustenance of the believer in exile from his or her ‘homeland’ and the door to scriptural insight (2,3). This prayer centers on confession – Daniel’s confession of his people’s failure to live by God’s covenant (resulting in exile) (Deuteronomy 28:15-37,47-57) – and request – for God’s forgiveness and the restoration of the covenant relationship.

Why should God rescue and reinstate His people? Daniel claims that the very honor of God requires it. The people of Israel and city of Jerusalem are called by God’s name and also their fate reflects the power of that name (17-19). While God may discipline His children, their permanent humiliation would not advance His honor in the world. Quite the opposite (Numbers 14:13-19). Because God has promised to bring His people to the destiny He has prepared for them, God’s own honors ensures that he will fulfill those promises.

This gives believers strong encouragement, but also a strong challenge. God has committed His honor to bring to salvation those who are called by His name; and being called by God’s name commits us to be careful of God’ honor. Paul claims that God’s laws is blasphemed among the Gentiles whenever God’s law is disregarded among the Jewish people (Romans 2:24); similarly, God’s name is exposed to dishonor when we, who bear the name of God’s Son, disregard the holiness of thought, word and deed which God requires of us. When we pray that God’s name be hallowed (Matthew 6:9), or held in high esteem, we commit ourselves so to live as to show our esteem for God.





PRAY   Sometimes, Lord, I do and say things not only for what they will   achieve but also because I want to impress others. Help me to be concerned solely in honoring You,