Daily Reflections



Rest is strength

READ  Psalm 59

It seems to be part of the modern human conditions that we are constantly searching for something to bring meaning to our lives. Some seek it in possession or prestige, others in love or learning. Augustine of Hippo summed up the problem and its answers when he wrote, speaking of God, ‘our hearts are restless till they find rest in You’. We can see this illustrated in this psalm.

The wicked are described as prowling and wandering (6, 14, 15). They are searching and unsatisfied, spending the daytime hunting like dogs for food (6, 15). Their speech is destructive and dangerous (7, 12), and often aimed at innocent (3). The main impression is of restless action, anxiously searching for satisfaction through the power and domination. In contrast, the psalmist speaks of God as his fortress and his refuge (9, 16). Instead of howls, curses and lies, he sings. And he sings of God’s strength and love. He calmly waits and watches for the Judge of the earth to punish the wicked and justify the righteous (9, 13). His confidence comes from his loving relationship with a personally-known God.

We often undervalue the importance of rest in our daily lives because we fail to see the connection between rest and contentment. Without the contentment there can be no true rest. Unless we are content with God and His relationship with us, we will continue searching for answers elsewhere. This restlessness can be as dangerous as that of the wicked in this psalm, for we risk losing our way and wandering aimlessly. Our salvation and strength come through rest and trust (Isaiah 30:15). With these we will not need to wander aimlessly or search desperately (Isaiah 30:21). Like the psalmist, we can rest confidently in the loving presence of our God.





            PRAY   Lord God, help me today to find rest and a deeper trust in You.