Alumni - Vision Statement

Grace Alumni Association Inc.

The purpose or purposes for which such is incorporated are:

  1. To encourage, foster and promote a closer and more active Christian fellowship, comradeship and cooperation among its members, as well as with the members of other associations having similar purposes.

  2. To establish a system of scholarship awards, as well as cultural, community and other social, or civic projects as may be deemed necessary for the improvement of the Alma Mater in particular, and of the community, in general.

  3. To develop goodwill among its members; to perpetuate friendship, memories, modern social, cultural and traditions growing out of the Alma Mater, of the members and for this purpose, to establish, maintain and operate a club house or office for the accommodation of its members and friends.

  4. To own, purchase, lease, hold in whole or in part, mortgage, pledge, sell assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of properties, real or personal, necessary, expedient or proper for the carrying out of the purpose of this corporation.

  5. To borrow money for the use and benefit of the corporation and for this purpose to issue or execute mortgages, pledges or any lien or obligation of the corporation upon security of all of any part of its assets, and to exchange or vary, from time any such securities.

  6. To perform any and all lawful acts or things which may be necessary and proper for the accomplishment and attainment of the foregoing purposes.

  7. To coordinate and make contact with Grace Alumni living in foreign countries through their own established local chapters of Grace Alumni Association.

  8. To encourage, uphold and promote among the alumni and their families, the belief in the traditional Christian virtues and teachings based on the Bible as the sole authority of our lives and conduct.

  9. To liaison closely and support the administration of our Alma Mater Grace Christian High School, in carrying out her founding purpose of "Bring a child to Christ, Train him up in Christ, send him out for Christ."

  10. To uphold, defend and promote the Statement of Faith of the Grace Ministries as promulgated by our Founder, Dr. Edwin Spahr and Chaplain Rev. Paul Lee Tan.