Dr. James L. Tan, D.Sc.

President GCC

Dean, College of Engineering and Technology

Senior Chaplain

Dr. Paul L. Tan - Senior Chaplain

College Deans and Administrators

Dr. Zenaida P. Lumba – Dean, Academic Affairs

Ms. Christine G. Tan – Assistant to the Academic Dean

Mrs. Judith L. Tan – Dean, Student Affairs and Director, Center for Chinese Language and Culture

Rev. Stephen G. Tan – Dean, Business Affairs

Dr. Patricio Dionio – Dean, College of Business and Management

Dr. Daisy F. Tey – Dean, College of Education and Director for Admissions

Dr. Mary Grace Termulo – Registrar

Mrs. Linda So – Comptroller

Mr. Yeung Chun-Yam – Assistant Director for Chinese Studies

Dr. Victor Koh – Consultant, College Development

Dr. Dominador Raquel, Jr. – Consultant on English Instructions

Ms. Lucy Sia – Supervisor, English High School

Mrs. Nancy Ong – Supervisor, Chinese High School

Mrs. Pacita Sy – Supervisor, English Elementary School

Ms. Lydia Syyonping - Assistant Supervisor, Chinese Elementary School

Mrs. Josana Ong - Supervisor, Kindergarten School