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Grace Christian High School - Yum Kwang Christian Schools Sister School Relationship Becomes a Reality


The Sister-School relationship between Grace Christian High School (GCHS) QC, Philippines and Yum Kwang Christian Schools (YKCS) of Seoul, Korea became official and authentic when Dr. James L. Tan, Principal of GCHS and Dr. Jeong-Yeol Kim, Chancellor of YKCS, affixed their signatures to the Sister-School Relationship Agreement during the appropriate "Signing Ceremony" held on January 19, 2005 at the Fellowship Hall of Grace Christian Church, Grace Village, Quezon City, Philippines.

According to the guests interviewed, the occasion was not only heart warming but also soul-searching, because undeniably, it takes much courage and strong faith in God to build up such sister-school relationship between two schools from different countries, and of course, different cultures.

The signing ceremony was attended by the administrators of both schools witnessed by the delegates to the Asia Pacific Federation of Christian Schools (APFCS) Conference, held this year in the Philippines.

The program started with congregational singing of the Hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness," followed by Scripture Reading (Matthew 7:24-27) in English by Rev. Yu Bon-Kim; in Chinese by Mrs. Judith L. Tan and in Korean by Dr. Jamie Haesun Kim. Rev. Burton Williams, IBLP Director (Philippines) led the Opening Prayer. "Grace upon Grace," a video documentary of how the school was first established by the late Mrs. Julia Tan, and how it has developed through the years was presented. The GCHS Glee Club sang "All Glory, Laud and Honor" and "Sing Out Your Joy to God," while selected Elementary students had choral recitations of Psalm 27 and 90. Each performance served as intermission numbers.


Dr. and Mrs. Tan together with Dr. Jeong-Yeol Kim and Dr. Hong In-Ok, on the GCHS and YKCS sister school relationship signing ceremony.


Onstage, there was an exchange of gifts between the two schools - where the signing of the papers also took place. Dr. James Tan and Mrs. Judith Tan of Grace Christian High School on one side and were side by side Dr. Jeong-Yeol Kim (Chancellor) and Dr. Hong In-Ok (Director) of Yum Kwang Christian Schools on the other side. Dr. Jamie Haesun Kim (Principal) was also a witness during the signing ceremony.

The distinguished guests from Yum Kwang Christian Schools, including the APFCS delegates, were impressed by the very warm welcome given to them by the entire GCHS from the time they alighted the two buses that fetched them from the Conference at Heritage Hotel. They took particular notice on how the GCHS Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts aligned near the school gates to greet them, and the staff who placed garlands around their necks. Most notably, they felt special indeed, as the students went out of their classrooms and warmly welcomed them.

This new tie-up is the starting point of a mutual accord, wherein the two schools will extend help to each other. Yum Kwang students could benefit in the sense of learning English (reading, writing, listening and speaking) through the help of Grace - which in turn will receive assistance in terms of Chinese teaching and Information Technology and computers.

May God continue to bless this momentous endeavor.