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"Gracean Math Wizards Rule in Sipnayan 2011"



“Sipnayan 13: Beat the Odds,” a Math contest held on September 3, 2011 sponsored by the Ateneo Mathematical Society awarded Gracean Mathletes Sean Timothy Cheng (HS 4-6), Deany Hendrick Cheng (HS 3-6) and Lu Christian Ong (HS 3-5) who won as CHAMPION in the competition’s team category.It was said to be a huge comeback from last year, wherein the teams only reached semi-finals.

The contest was composed of the Elimination, Semi-Final and Final Rounds. For the elimination round, the contestants had individual exams and the scores of each team member have been totaled for the team score.

Two teams advanced to the semi-finals, one of which was Team 1 from Grace Christian College – comprised of the aforementioned students. The semi-final round was an oral competition with easy, average and difficult rounds composed of five (5) questions each.

GCC’s Team 1 placed second in the semi-final round and advanced to the final round – which has been an unconventional event. In the final round, contestants had to answer different problems in buzzer-type questions, double-point questions, half-point questions, penalty questions, and the usual time-pressured questions. The GCC team started the final round ahead of other contestants, with two questions amounting to six (6) points initially. The team continued to be in the first rank until the end of the finals. Other contestants from Grace Christian College were: Team 2 - Hans Bryan Geremy Ong (HS 3-6), Justin Bryan Chong (HS 3-5), Carl Lester Tan (HS 4-5); Team 3 – Tsz Chun Wang (HS 4-5), Aaron Jan Cayanan (HS 3-6) and Kaye Janelle Yao (HS 2-6).