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Dr. Tan Urges Stricter QEP Implementation


In the teacher's meeting on January 15, 2005, Dr. James L. Tan challenged all the administrators, teachers and staff (from top to bottom, no one is exempted) to implement the Quest for Excellence Project more strictly and with a greater sense of responsibility, propriety and decorum - being the role models their students look up to.

"If we want to implement the policy, we should begin with ourselves," Dr. Tan urged. The Quest for Excellence Project is aimed at establishing GCHS as an English-Speaking Community, with a good, clean environment and neat, well-groomed students.

The Grace English/Chinese Proficiency Program (GECPP) is applicable to the entire GCHS Community, with a corresponding penalty for those who will not comply. Another is the Personal Neatness ("Shirt Tucked-In / Strap pinned") Program, involving all Grace Students - in that, they should wear school uniforms properly whether in or out of the school and Grace Village.

For effective implementation of the Environmental Cleanliness "No Littering" Campaign, a segregation scheme was launched. Trash bins, labeled as Paper, Plastic, Metal and Styro/Styrofoam were placed on the canteen and other school premises, for better waste management and recycling of waste materials.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness" and "English is a passport to success." Let us all support the QEP and make a difference in our and the school's future.

Quest for Excellence Program