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Grace Math Wizards Comes Home with Medals

The Gracean participants to the 3rd International Math Competition (IMC), namely Deany Hendrick Cheng (Grade 5) and Lu Kevin Ong (Fourth Year) won silver and bronze medals respectively. The Philippine team came home with 11 gold, 12 silver, and 21 bronze medals. There were also fifteen students who brought home merit awards.

The said contest, organized by the Beijing Hecate Center of Cultural Communication, was held on August 21, 2007 at the ISS International School in Singapore. The Filipino students competed with students from China, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

The contest consisted of twenty-three questions: ten questions in the “Multiple Choice” and another ten in the “Fill in the Blanks.” Three questions were answered in the “Problem Solving.” The contest was divided by year level and medals were given out in that manner also.

This event aimed to promote the importance of Mathematics and to improve the skills of the students. It has also functioned as a preparation for the “International Mathematics Olympiad.”

However, the delegation’s trip to Singapore was not all about serious competing. During their stay, they also went to see places like the Night Safari, Sentosa and the Newater System.

MTG president Dr. Simon Chua was happy with the achievement of the Filipinos. Moreover, he stated that the accomplishments of students are credited not only to the teachers or the parents, but to the Philippines as well.