Curriculum Overview - Elementary

In order to realize our goals for academic excellence, good discipline, and spiritual growth among others, the school has adopted the A-BEKA Curriculum in English, Science and Bible. This curriculum is very comprehensive with emphasis on mastery learning and Christian values formation which are well-integrated in the lessons. It has a ready curriculum guide for each subject, for teachers' use; texts and test; booklets for students, and beautiful and colorful audio-visual aids.

The school curriculum gives emphasis on the individual's need of a Savior. To help nurture the spiritual life of students, the school holds regular chapel period of 60 minutes (per grade level) once a week. The chapel program is carefully arranged and planned by the Guidance and Counseling Center. The chapel period is appropriated for prayer time, praise and worship, testimonies, Bible message, memory verse and other related activities. Furthermore, Bible-memory verse is recited daily by the entire faculty, staff and studentry during the flag raising ceremony. Special Bible classes (Bible Club) for students are available during the week handed by the guidance counselor, and other volunteer teachers. Bible subject is also a part of the regular minor subject offerings.

The curriculum meets the minimum requirements of the Dep.Ed. and is periodically reviewed, updated and enriched by the faculty and administration. The computer Education Program of the school is offered in all grade levels. The Mathematics texts being used exceed the minimum learning competencies required by the Dep.Ed. The books are in series from grades one-six. They contain exercises which meet the needs of individual students.

The science laboratory is extensively used for experimentation and lectures. It is highly equipped with educational materials such as - science specimens, instruments and other apparatus. Television sets, cassette recorder, overhead projector are readily installed to enhance learning process. With school's provision of 50 television sets, our students (2 grade levels) can view a film at the same time.

Our teachers employed varied methods and techniques, which are adapted to subject matters, needs and abilities of the individual pupils. Students are encouraged to analyze and use their critical ability through problem solving activities and thought-provoking question: Values and Biblical principles are integrated in the lessons. Use of visual aids is a common practice among our teachers, thus, they make the lessons more enjoyable.

In addition to this, the school has been consistent in providing excellent trainings in Mathematics through the various programs such as MTAP, MTG, POEM, Abacus Skill Program, and Kumon Math. These enhance our student's basic skills in Math, challenged them to excel and prepare them for various local and international inter-school competitions in Mathematics.

In terms of Philippine citizenship, the school considers cultural diversities. However, the truths from the Bible will stand as the authority in case there is a conflict of beliefs Most of the students are Filipino-Chinese nationals; some are pure Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese, British, American, and Filipino citizens. Filipino values are taught in their lessons whenever it is applicable. All the students, faculty and staff are required to attend daily flag ceremony that is being conducted. With the Pledge to our country, Commitment to the Bible, a scripture verse, and a prayer time. Students are encouraged to join Boy scouting or Girl scouting on Saturdays. This program provides activities that will enable them to become a better Christian citizen of this country. The school also held an exhibit for the "Linggo ng Wika" to enhance the spirit of Filipinism among students.

The provision of the different academic programs and facilities - made our instructions effective and have met our target goals which is not less than Academic Excellence.